Maggie Walker plans to Dominate High School Chess

Maggie Walker Rated

Maggie Walker dominated the action this past weekend at the Thompson Middle School National Chess Day Celebration. The Maggie Walker team took 1st place in the high school category for the rated and unrated sections. Isaac Steincamp, a high school junior, has been the driving force of Maggie Walker chess for 3 years. Raising money, holding camps, being a tournament director, and a tournament organizer. Their dream is to compete in the National Scholastic Championships next year in San Diego. The newest part of the Maggie Walker team is Coach Joseph Mc Dougall. Coach Mc Dougall, a national expert, knows a lot about scholastic competition. In 1991 he was the National k-8 Champion. He finished undefeated with a score of 5.5 out of 6! In 8th grade his rating was already over 1900. Coach Mc Dougall has competed in numerous high profile tournaments and invitationals. His experience with national level competition, performing well on the road, and long grueling tournament schedules is exactly what Maggie Walker needs as they prepare to bring scholastic chess honors home to Richmond. To help the Maggie Walker Team on their way to San Diego, send checks to Maggie Walker high school payable to the Maggie Walker Chess Club. Visit Dragon Chess.

Maggie Walker unrated

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