RCI Presents: The Richmond Middle School Chess League!

The Richmond Middle School Chess League, RMSCL is a middle school chess circuit. The league plays and trains from October through May! In addition to weekly team meetings, there are 16 RMSCL local events designed to test and improve their skills with tournament players from all over the state!
Every skill level is encouraged to join. If your child doesn’t know how to play chess, we will teach them! Each week children will receive 90 minutes of, “tournament play” instruction.
Teams earn points for the cup by competing in the tournaments, attending the camps, participation in the championships, and through certification. Individual honors are earned the same way. Team awards are based on accumulative score! A team that has 3 members and scores 10 points will finish behind a team that has 7 members and 10.5 points. Even the beginner that loses all but 1 game can make the difference for the team!
By winter break your child will know tournament chess rules, see 2-4 moves ahead, and have an official United States Chess Federation Rating. As the year progresses, Tournament Players will be taught about opportunities to coach, referee, and organize.
All services are being provided by, The Richmond Chess Initiative, RCI. RCI”S mission is to help Tournament Players of all ages, earn scholarships, employment and business opportunities. Chess is fun and it opens doors!
All tournaments, camps, and related activities will be conducted within the city limits as close to public transportation as possible! RPS students simply enroll and participate. Concessions, and free snacks will be at each event.
RMSCL is sponsored by RPS, MSR, CIS, RCI, The Virginia Scholastic Chess Association, VSCA, The Virginia Chess Federation, VCF, and Growth Management Group, GMG.

Richmond is finally back on the map as a reliable tournament and camp venue. Please plan on attending these events as they are open to the public. A full tournament, camp, and Championship schedule is being formulated and will be announced in October.

If you attend a RPS contact your CIS coordinator for more details about days and times. Binford, Brown, Boushall, Hill, Franklin, and Thompson. Others may be joining the league for the winter session.

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