RCI Hires 11 Year Old To Coach In The Richmond Middle School Chess League!!

Va Amateur Champion

Va Amateur Champion

RCI stays true to it’s mission!  Jason Morefield has joined the RCI coaching staff!  Jason is the 2014 Virginia Amateur Champion!  Jason is now rated over 1800.  We are proud to announce that he is 11 years old and the Chess Coach at Boushall Middle School in Richmond.  Jason’s rocket like rise is something every parent should hope for and something every chess player should fear.  Jason has gone from 1100 to over 1800 in just 56 tournament games.  He is a self made chess player.  We’ve had the pleasure of watching Jason for a little over 18 months!!   He records almost every game he plays, reads every book and article he can get his hands on, and conducts serious analysis of his and other players games.  His theoretical background has grown to exceed his rating and he can articulate and explain with high accuracy any position he looks at.  Coaching is just the next natural step in his progression!

Jason and his mother Laura came on board on October 23rd.  How you ask does an 11 year old get paid for coaching?  Simple!  Our mission is to find scholarship, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for Rated Tournament Chess Players of all ages!  With parental consent or accompaniment, we will hire Rated Tournament Chess Players of any age to be coaches, tournament directors, camp proctors, and a host of other money earning positions so that they can earn the resources needed to fulfill their bright, purposeful, and community enriching destinies!  Jason wants other Rated Tournament Chess Players to join him in this friendly, fun, and limitless educational and career based stepping stone of opportunity.  He is leading by example.

RCI would be very happy if all of it’s coaching staff were the same as Jason.  How wonderful it would be to give these bright young stars the opportunity to assist their parents with thousands of dollars of income each year so that they can build amazing resumes and college applications.  Remember, playing chess goes in the Hobby and Interest section of these forms.  Being a, Rated Tournament Chess Player and its associated activities go in the Accomplishments section of those forms!

Jason is a full staff member of RCI and is receiving all the respect he is entitled to based on his rating and accomplishments, not his age!!  If you have questions about becoming more like him simply contact us!

If you want to help us, become a passive, active, educational, or employment sponsor or simply hit the donate box.

Who will be next.  11 is a hard record to break!

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