RCI’s Brightest of 2014

Tournament Chess Players enjoy all the benefits associated with chess.  Tournament Chess Players study, analyze, and perform.  Chess parents travel thousands of miles a year, give up weeknights, Saturdays and sometimes their whole weekends.  They invest in lodging, entry fees, meals, books, equipment, and coaching.  RCI, the VSCA, and the VCF all provide 100’s of volunteer hours because we know that   Tournament Chess opens doors.  Congratulations to the entire team!


Ritvika Palani K-3

Ritvika Palani

Ritvika Palani!  2/15 3rd Place  K-3, 5/3 1st Place K-3, 10/4 1st Place K-3, 11/1 2nd Place K-3, 12/13 2nd Place.  Great work Ritvika!!

Andrew Rousseau

Andrew Rousseau! 4/12 3rd Place K-3, 7/12 2nd Place K-5, 7/26 1st Place K-3, 11/15 2nd Place K-3, 12/13 3rd Place K-3.  Great work Andrew!

Allison Hughes

Allison Hughes!  5/3 1st Place Mirage Under 1000. Awesome work!

Henry Kirkabey!  7/12 3rd Place K-3, 11/5 4th Place K-3.  Great work! Photo not available.

Yash Saxena

Yash Saxena! 7/26 2nd K-3, 8/9 3rd Place K-3, 11/15 1st Place K-3.  Great work!

Jackson Kennedy! 8/9 3rd Place K-5, 11/15 1st K-5.  Great work!  Photo not available.

Ryan Balser

Ryan Balser! 9/20 1st Place Quad 4

Nihal Pothanoori

Nihal Pothanoori! 11/15 5th place K-3, 12/6 2nd Place K-3.  Great work!

Caleb Li

Caleb Li

Caleb Li!  12/6 1st Place K-3, 12/13 1st place K-3.  Great work!

Andrew Allums

Andrew Allums!  12/13 3rd Place K-8

Now  the team Standings.

2/15 Academy of Academic Excellence!

3rd Place K-3. Team of Nitin and Aman KanuriNitin


Tuckahoe Elementary School!

4/12 1st place K-3, 2nd Place K-5,  7/12 2nd place K-3, 11-15 1st Place K-3. Nice work!   Photos unavailable!


Nihal Pothanoori

10/4 1st place k-5!  Great work!


Rousseau Home School! Andrew and Natasia.  11/15 2nd Place K-3, 12/13 2nd Place K-3.  Very Good!

Albert Hill takes 3rd in 1st Tournament

Albert Hill takes 3rd in 1st Tournament

Albert Hill

Albert Hill Middle School! (Richmond Middle School Chess League).  11/15 3rd Place K-8.  12/13 1st Place K-8 Great work!

Lucille Brown

Lucille Brown Middle School! (Richmond Middle School Chess League).  12/13 2nd Place K-8 Nice work!

Time to go to work on the 2015 List.



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