Scholastic Championship Training!!

chess championships


VA Scholastic Champions are March 13-15th this year!  It’s close to Richmond this year!!  Its so close I’ll be commuting instead of paying for a hotel!!  You have 10 weeks to get your child ready!  RCI can provide the intense championship training your child needs to make this championship their best yet.  Look at the stories behind some of RCI’s best students.

Ronit Jain 4 weeks of training.  Next appearance 5-0 with a rating jump of 160 points!

Kuastav Rajesh 24 games 600 points.

Nihal and Hriday Pothanoori 593 points in 14 weeks.

Nic Balser 4 weeks 632 to 806 in 2014 Championships!

Henry Kirkeby 362-596 in 8 games

Jackson Kennedy 311- 567 in 12 games

Allison Hughes 382-970 in just 16 weeks over 27 games!

Ritvika Palani 440- 750 at just 7 yrs old.  We celebrated her 6th Birthday at an RCI camp.  She’s unbelievable!!

Yash Saxena 435- 643 in just 12 weeks of Summer Training over 12 games

Andy Allums previously 1-14 in tournament competition.  Finished 3rd at Hopewell with a score of 3-1.  Rating jump from108-346 in just 4 weeks with the RMSCL

Caleb Li 619-857 in training for 6 weeks, also a previous camp attendee!  currently 8-0 in his last 2 tournaments!

Zahn Shepperson Lucille Brown Team earned a rating of 298 after his 1st 4 games.  At Hopewell in Dec he played 3 more games and his new rating is 381!

If you want your children to learn how to win, call RCI right now day or night and schedule a Free Consultation, Simultaneous Exhibition, or Lesson.  We offer free Coach training and support!  Rates are reasonable because we are in this for the fame, not the money.  Ask about the Free and Discount training services that are available!

Let’s get together soon and work together to get as many trophies for the Richmond area as possible!!  Happy New year.  

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