Chess Camps “in” Richmond for all ages.

It's time for camp

It’s time for camp

You want to win more chess games?  Most chess camps are designed for kids!  Kind of insulting if you think about it.  Most camps are not tournament oriented!  That’s too intense they say.  You’ll scare them away if it’s too hard.  Kids just want to have fun?!  That’s just the money making way of avoiding accountability.  Is intensity intimidating, yes!  Can the material be too hard, yes if it’s not reviewed and there is no support system for after the camp!  Do kids just want to have fun, yes!!  Ask any child which is more fun, a trophy, a medal, or a ribbon.  They are not at camp to learn how to earn ribbons and medals (smile)!

Kids want trophies, that's fun!

Kids want trophies, that’s fun!

Chess, the way most people learn it is hard because they keep listening to people that learned the hard way!  When chess is taught properly and players find out about the amazing things that are becoming common in chess learning, chess isn’t that intimidating at all!  When you discover that more than 65% of the players under 1600 have never read a chess book cover to cover, now you know how to start beating them.  RCI’s cover to cover mentality has unearthed many secrets.  The biggest one is how to use study and experience to beat people that are only using experience.  Take a look at our best of 2014.  Those players are winning against players that have been playing in tournaments and attending chess camps for years!!

This is the new millennium!  There’s a 12 year old VA amateur champion, an 8 year old in VA is rated 1842, a 12 year old girl in VA is the world youth girls champion!  Her rating is 2278!  She is having fun!!  The problem with most camps is they need the camp participants to come out of the camp with an understanding of the material covered because they know they may never see them again!  They are trying to teach you how to play better when at some level we all know that the only person that can teach you to play better is you!!  If you spend 4 or 5 days at a chess camp and feel you understood everything, the camp was a failure.  Why?  In order for that to have happened, the material had to be so easy and so general that it only confirmed what you already knew!  When you come home from a boy scout, tennis, football, or any other kind of camp, you come home knowing that you have to get to work, not that you are finished!  You will need to practice and study!!  If you come home saying you got everything, again, that wasn’t a camp, it’s was a daycare!  Take a look at the RCI chess camps overview.  We accept full accountability for purpose, price and value!  When you finish an RCI camp, The Richmond Metropolitan Grand Prix training and tournament circuit will give you the follow up support that no one else can offer to ensure you get more than your money’s worth during and after our camps!

Ask about the Memorial Day Special when you call.  804-398-2310.  Ask for Mike Callaham!

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