I get it when they say children are our future, but who’s future are we?  The kids can’t teach themselves.  They need us to show them the way!  They need us to show them that it’s important.  They need us to show real approval!  Kids know that they need grown ups to get the things they want!  You being there helps them learn how to talk to and work with adults!

RCI has gone to great lengths to make sure that you learn what can not be learned by experience.  Even if you are sitting in front of a child that knows how the pieces move, they rarely know how to play!  They will say they know how to play, but they don’t!  They don’t know when they are in check!  They don’t know when they are in checkmate!  They don’t know how to record a game!  They don’t know the rules for castling.  They don’t know when the game is a draw.  They don’t know what, “en passant” is!  RCI can make you an authority on chess even if they play better than you because you know the rules and they do not!

RCI has also removed all the misery and delays that made older chess players give up on the game.  The way most people are taught to play was designed by the stronger players to make more money!  The longer they could take to teach chess, the more money they made!  Many companies still teach that way!  RCI wants to make you as good as possible as fast as possible!!  We do this by teaching you how to get good when we are not around.  We teach you how to make progress between lessons instead of just at lessons.

Children are our future and we are the children that are theirs.  Join us in making chess the most reliable stepping stone ever used by a child to create a career and earn an adults respect.  Call me now.

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