Streetcar Cyclery Opens, “Build a Bike” to RCI

RCI hits another mission milestone.  RCI has obtained permission from Mr. Rob Gassie to participate in Streetcar Cyclery’s, “Build a Bike” program!  The best programs are always hands on.  This is one of those programs.  The way it works is very simple.  Build a bike for charity and then you are allowed to build one for yourself.  Can you think of a better way for a child to get a free, high quality bicycle?  Mr. Gassie’s shop is located at 8 East Brookland Park Blvd, Richmond.  That’s at the corner of North Avenue and a 1/4 block from the bus stop!  If you need a bike, repairs, or parts,  please contact them at 804-549-2755.  If you have a bike that you don’t want anymore, please donate it to RCI and we will give it to a chess player to participate in the, “Build a Bike” program!   Drop me an email, I’ll come pick it up.

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