What Next!?

Wonder for just a moment if this dream comes true!   Everyone recognizing chess as an academic precious metal that is best propagated through documentation!  Investing your time in chess leads to better chronological thinking, enhanced self reliance, and better team work!  Scholarships, job and entrepreneurial training along with chess, are second only to academics achievement.  Learn to earn or contribute as a coach, referee, organizer or entrepreneur whether you are young or old.  World Class chess knowledge, skill and culture is free or at a ridiculously low rate and accessible to everyone!

So, “What’s Next!?:

So far our focus has been on Richmond Middle Schools.  Now that the kids in elementary know it’s in their Middle Schools, we need to take care of the middle school children we’ve come in contact with by going to the High Schools.  RCI has become an electronic home security dealer!  Any one 18 years of age that can pass a background check can come with us to earn $39k –  $55k annually on our part time plus program.  A high school diploma is not required!

Get involved NOW!  Stop promising that you are going to help with chess and help with chess!  You can be helping to make sure that people are certified and undeniably trained to land anywhere in the United States and have acceptance and a professional income waiting for them!

Chess transforms this year in Richmond.  A Middle School League, a High School League, The Richmond Metropolitan Grand Prix.  All are going to look better work better and be better.  “B” Corp, buses, a building of our own, pick up programs, world class instruction, free chess sets, free memberships, free tournament entry, free food, free uniforms, free return transportation, free entrepreneurial training, free coach training, free referee training, free organizer training, free community service opportunities, League Championships, League prizes, Tournament trips, and  and 2 money scholarships!

The budget is about $200 per week per school figured across 34 weeks for 8 middle schools and 8 high schools.  Then there’s 50 weeks for each of seven libraries at $100 per week.  Then there’s simuls, management, administration, recordkeeping, publicity, analysis, accounting, research, development, lodging and transportation.  We fully intend to invoice over $200,000 between 1 Sep of 2016 and 30th August 2017.



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