I’ve got a new mission for you.  We’re making chess the most accessible scholarship and employment venue in the Richmond.  As a veteran, you already have 90% of what this mission requires!  You understand paperwork, promptness, and courtesy.  You actually need to know more about what we are doing for the kids than you need to know about alarm systems!  If you can walk and talk, I can show you how to earn $40,000 a year working 30 hrs a week.  Together we will do something meaningful and profitable at the same time!!  Want to help the community as a volunteer, we need you!  Want to earn a little cash as a chess instructor, we need you!  Want to earn a full time income with part time hours, we need you!  Want to impact your community by leading by example, we have that to.  Please reach out to me!  Mike Callaham, Air Force Vet.(Don’t hold that against me! LOL) 804-426-6058!  The closest thing to active duty you’ll ever find!!

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