A Call To Action

RCI’s on going mission is to increase the number of scholarships, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurial opportunities available to chess players of all ages in the City of Richmond.
Michael Callaham, (Founder/CEO) has a 30 yr. history of youth chess involvement.   When it was discovered that there are no age requirements to be a Nationally Certified Coach, Referee, or Organizer, we began to explore how families could use chess as a growth and income opportunity.

Special attention was given to ensuring that the chess programs meet international standards, that they are free to Richmond Public School Students/Families, and that every event is at or near a bus stop!

Since 2011, RCI has sponsored more than 900 coaching, tournament and special event appearances with in the Richmond City Limits!  RCI established the Richmond Middle School Chess League.  In an unprecedented cooperative effort with The Virginia Scholastic Chess Association, (Secretary) The Virginia Chess Federation, (Board Member and State Scholastic Director) The Richmond Public Library, (Friend) and Richmond Public Schools, (Community Partner/Parent) RCI organized, sponsors, and manages the Richmond Metropolitan Grand Prix Chess training and tournament circuit.  (400 free trainings and 12 tournaments annually).  Since 2011, only RCI coached students have represented RPS at the Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships.

You want to see something positive in the community, this is it!  We all know the city has no money.  Through our partnership with Monitronics, we are allowed to give away 2 and 3 times the free equipment offered by ADT and Brinks and Monitronics gives us a portion of the monitoring!

Get on board!  Thank someone from one of the agencies involved, tell someone about us, come play chess, come work with us, come coach, get a security system from us, or make a donation.
Sincerely doing my best for kids through chess, Michael A Callaham Founder/CEO RCI

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