Chess is cheap, not free. A picture is worth a…

If I’m to be happy, if we are to reach our goals, chess must expand every day, month and year.  To do that we need money!?  Donations are great, I wish they would be enough, but they haven’t been and they won’t.  We need personnel, I wish we had volunteers, but there haven’t been and won’t be enough of those either.  We give away security systems and are paid a portion of the monitoring.  If you refer someone to us you get $100 for your effort.  This isn’t about the money!!  When you get a system from us, you have my personal guaranteed that no one has ever got a better system for free.  Prove you have and I’ll make that our standard offer and pay you $100.

This is our, ” 20 Point Over Quota Sale” Your main control box is included.  Now take the rest and make your free system.  When you reach 20 points, you’re done.  All you pay for is monitoring!!

Doors 1, doorbells 1, lamp modules 1, keyfobs 1, medical pendants 1, motions sensor 2, image motion sensor 3, smoke detector 2, glass break detectors, 2nd control pad 4, thermostat control 4, indoor fixed camera 4, pivot camera 5, recorder 6.  Free installation always.  All systems are wireless and include offsite control capabilities.  Businesses welcome.  Call today 804-426-6058

at the chess fest 069 rmgp 8-6-2016 010

what the money's for 001 what the money's for 002 what the money's for 008 what the money's for 016

This is what we do with the money!

The King at Chessfest 039

scholastic 2014 diagram training 012 library young people 002

Do something meaningful as soon as you can!


Mike C



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