Chess is like truth.  Once you discover it, you want more.  Chess truth is not found in front of a computer database.  You can find the facts in a database but can you find the truth?  In chess, truth is needs to be explained.  Thinking you know the truth just by looking at the facts only works when you have all the facts.  If you had all the facts, there would never be another novelty!!  Truth in any field only comes to those that exercise discipline, patience, imagination, and resolve.  I’m going to give you the ultimate key to chess truth.  The yellow brick road of chess mastery begins and ends with a book, a set, a notebook, and finally your computer.  At RCI, 2017 is the year of the book!  the 2 I’m publishing, and the one’s I’m reading!  Read 1 chess book cover to cover, going over every line on a real chess board and you will have accomplished something only 5% of chess players have ever done.  Do surveys of strong players.  Every player that has ever read a substantial chess book cover to cover is over 1800!!  Once this activity becomes a memory instead of an imagining, you will know what I’m talking about.  If you never do, you never will!!  Please comment with your, having read a chess book cover to cover, experience!!

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