RCI is the proud owner of the Pro Funding Suite!

I am happy to report a positive end to the wild frenzy that consumed every nail biting hour of my life last week.  RCI is now the proud owner of the Pro Funding Suite.  When I put this out and asked for help, I knew that with all the free, reduced price, and volunteer work RCI has done for chess in Virginia, we were going to get a unique response.  Me, my family, and closest friends were literally shocked at the number of calls and emails we received!  I’m glad it’s all over and we can get back to the business of helping even more kids!  Thank you to everyone that took the time to reach out to me, share, and help.  The mission just got a huge refueling and is ready to reach new heights and standards of performance in Richmond and beyond!

Do you need funding to buy, sell, expand, or fix a business and have not been able to get it?  We can get you $10,000 to  $10,000,000, as long as your business is set up right!

If you know chess players looking for work, we hire chess players, musicians, stay at home parents, bilinguals, veterans, and foster kids of any age to earn adult incomes in our apprentice program.  Ask for MIke C @804-426-6058.

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