New youth coach and apprentice.

Giovonnie Pearson of Boushall Middle School adds himself to the proud list of RCI coaches and apprentices.  Giovonnie is a serious chess enthusiast that studies and wants to seriously master the game.  When he heard about the apprentice program he said, “Now I don’t have to beg people for odd jobs anymore, I’ve got a real one.”  There are a lot of kids just like, “G-Man” in our Richmond Public Schools, that want to learn and want to earn.  RCI offers the perfect, eat as much or as little as you want, chess buffet.  You can just play or you can take your game to the next level, your chess personality to the next levels, or even your wallet to the next level with no age requirements.  That is a freedom seldom known!  We still need coaches, volunteers, and apprentices.  Contact Mike @ 804-426-6058 for more details!!  Chess opens doors… make a move!

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