Hunt for future employment turns into pre scholarship stimulus plan!

.In our efforts to find future places of employment for chess players, we found business owners were very open, opinionated, and supportive.  So far we’ve got 19 part time positions to share with chess families and a growing list of services that can be used by chess families free of charge in the community!  The emphasis here is on families!  Our supporters aren’t picky about the type of scholarship you pursue.  They just want to know that your family is regularly attending club meetings!  If we fully utilize all the jobs and services we have so far, the total amount received by chess families would exceed $100,000.00.  When you figure the average chess family will get $5,000.00 per year, we have enough for 20.

The road to a scholarship is not a speedway.  It’s a mountain tour!  On the way up, there’s all types of expenses that a family must endure.  Time away from work and other family members 1 Saturday a month, memberships, training material, equipment, coaches, gas, lodging, food, entry fees, uniforms, interviews, campus tours, and paperwork.  On the way down, well, that is the easy part.  You keep playing, keep your grades up, and do as they ask.

If you want to get involved in any way, contact us today!

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