Full Service, Full Time, 5 Days A Week in Richmond!!

Everything a growing chess personality needs.   When we think of the best growing players, we know they play and/or study 4 or 5 days a week and sometimes more.  Hundreds of books, hundreds of magazines, and a tournament coach on staff every day.  Richmond just entered the big leagues!!

Come Join us:

Every Mon – Fri 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm
5 – 600 ; Meet and greet. Share news about past or coming events.
6 – 7pm; Lesson. General lesson about an RCI principal.
7pm – 930; Free play, analysis, blitz, homework help.

Ask about frequent visitor discount memberships and our Pre – Scholarship Stimulus Program. Pork free and nut free snacks, Chevy Cakes, foods, and drinks are available. Cash only please!  Sets and clocks are provided and are for sale. RCI is available for other groups, schools, parties, private lessons, and promotional events.


RCI hires coaches, referees, surveyors, party servers, stock clerks, and financial consultants. $100 per day weekend employment opportunities are for chess players, parents, siblings, veterans, bilinguals, and fosters! Call for details!

Ask about our “Promise and Barter Advertising” Program!

Do you need Money, Loans, or Credit for your Business? We can help! Call Today!!


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