Nascar Watch Out!!

rci shirts 031

The race to find new sponsors/customers is on!  We need businesses to tell kids how important they are when they play chess!  You can have your logo on everything we show people for just $99.00 a year and a promise to provide your services free or at a discount to Chess Families pursuing scholarships!

Want to use our services?  Of course we have everything chess has to offer!  To give entrepreneurial and professional development, we have companies.  The “Pro Funding Suite” allows us to offer commercial money, loans and credit building!  Got all the money you need?  $10,000.00 to $10,000,000.00!  If your electric bill is $7000 a month or more, “Sunview Integrated Solutions” can usually lower that bill by 10% – 30%.  There is no risk!!  Lloyds of London underwrites our energy saving guarantees and there are no up front cost.

Helping the chess community with your advertising, patronage, or referral is so simple, even a cave…!  You get the idea.

VA Scholastic Championships are March 2nd – 4th.  RCI is trying to take 20 parents and children from RPS to this event!  The total $4844.00.  We’ll accept donations from private citizens, but if you’re a business owner, advertising, doing business with us, or sending us a referral teaches the kids a lot more!

Thanks for your time,

Mike C

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