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o'tooles 3

In the last 30 days, two new advertisers have joined the RCI family of chess advocates in Richmond!  Tops available for next printing (5/24),  if interested LS, SS, Polo.  Male and Female $50@

The Coqui Cyclery prominently sits at the Forest Hill split just east of Roanoke Street.  They have graciously offered to do a free tune up and 25% off repairs and purchases of new cycles for chess families and their supporter and employees.  Contact us if you’d like a coupon.  Coupons are available to chess families, their supporters, and employees!

O’Toole’s is rolling out the red carpet by allowing 2 adults to dine at 1/2 price.  O’Toole’s also has a strong kids menu. Taking your spouse and kids means one of you is eating for free.  Take a friend to lunch or dinner for free.  However you want to look at it, It’s available to chess families and supporters!  Contact us if you’d like a coupon!

It’s Important that you patronize our sponsors and tell them where you heard of them from.  They’re all owner operated, with roots in community, people!!  Ask about the chess discounts.  Our sponsors love that stuff.  Ask for the owner, they’ll be glad to know that you stopped by!  I guarantee the service you get is 100% red carpet.  Thank these great people for adding fuel to the next RCI player, scholar, employee, or business owner!!!

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