Book Sale! Buy 1 get 1 free!

rci Booka thon 001.JPG

These and many more titles await you!  You know you want them! These books talk. Your computer and database will never explain anything like an experienced author can. Data bases only show what’s popular. We know that’s not 100% accurate or else we could conclude today that there will never be another theoretical novelty!  Engines are only good if you know how long to wait and still no explanation!

Free instructions on how to get the most from your chess book with every sale. Yes, there is a most advantageous way to read a chess book!! The way most chess players have never read a chess book is, “cover to cover” LOL

Buy one get one free is in effect today, but may not be tomorrow. Some titles are no longer available. Sorry 1st come, 1st serve. Sale starts at 6pm! Arriving near or after 7:30, you’d need to call 804-426-6058.

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