Scholarships; The Adventure Begins Now!?!

Scholarshipimage money

Virginia Union University started a scholarship program for Rising 9th Graders.  An 8 year commitment to 50 RPS kids to mentor them through High School and when they graduate, they receive the Bachelors Degree Scholarship of their choice!!  A scholarship at first seems like a Gambit.  How about if you really could get your child to profitably accelerate school?  At a tuition of just under $100,000.00, VUU has made an initial commitment of 7 million dollars by my estimations.  To keep 50 kids mentored for 4 + years, games, events, administration, etc.  I’m extremely proud to see them putting into the community!

sop-for-scholarship-for-success 2

Chess is the only thing where everything is up to the individual at any age!  There are children every year that have skipped grades, are securing full scholarships to colleges, and own successful businesses.  Imagine applications and resumes with national rankings, certifications, and business ownership!  Some might say I’m living the dream everyday.  Hey, I’m loving every minute of it!! (Well, most of them!?!)

types-of-scholarships pie

It’s a lot of work.  Everyone at any age has a huge capacity for accumulative work.  The challenge is deadlines.  Chess is the shortcut to getting the attention, cooperation, and support of adults.  All of them!  If not immediately, then eventually.  Chess works whether that’s the intention or not.  It’s one of the few areas left in human activity where every stereotype is advantageous as long as you stay in character! lol

scholarship ahead

Someone in the house needs to get this mapped out.  Unless you just intend to pay for college or you are a business owner with other interest, some one needs to help these kids scoop up as much tax free wealth as possible if they are so inclined and willing to cooperate with leadership!  I saw an application for $2500.00 that was not much different than the one I saw for $100,000.00.  What that means is… If you’ll get going in the right direction and you start soon enough, you’re sure to get some scholarships or advantages because of what you and/or they have become!  Usually the longer you’ve stuck with it increases how much, “where you are”, has exceeded your expectations!!




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