Back to School Stemtree Chess Camp Aug 19-23rd!

Simultaneous Exhibitions

The only qualification for this camp is; you should have either attended at least 1 chess tournament, or have someone you play that has played in tournaments, or you’re coming to the camp to get ready for tournaments.  This is not a babysitting camp!  We will take breaks, short walks, etc but make no mistake about it, we are there to teach how to win at chess.  We are going to learn and play all kinds of chess all day to make sure everyone gets the lesson!

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Some of the practices we have at our camps are unique to us.  We keep fruit and snacks around morning, noon, and evening.  We open at 8 am and stay until 6 to stay out of your work day!

Chess Camp

We have no age or grade requirements!!  How could we, we have a 6 yr old coaching at Lucille Brown Middle School!  Her Co-Coach started working with us at age 11 and is in his 5th year!  Each participant receives a training guide that’s designed to be used again and again, teaching something new each time it’s reviewed!  Participation in the tournament Saturday the 24th is included in the camp.

Free analysis table

Everything we’ve learned about how chess players develop goes into a curriculum that gets results.  Our camp is just $295.00.  Let our, ” tournament training”, experience give you a better chess understanding, the secrets to beating, “experienced” players, and the tools you need to improve after the camp is over!  Deadline to register at just $295 is 26 July.  Registrations after that are just $349.00.  ( material is original and developed around the participants and must be changed for late entrants!)

Register with your name, rating, US Chess ID, phone and email.  We will be sending out a primer to let you know how to get the most from the camp.  Cash or local check preferred.

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