Scholarship Chess Business Center Owner scores 6 of 9 at the 2019 World Open!


For years we’ve been talking about the advantages of exponential learning and the fact that you don’t have to lose chess games to get experience.  To be honest, even with all of the tournament success we have had with students, not 1 has made it to step 3 of our 4 step mastery system!!!  I went there using all 4 steps and blew my opponents off the board 7 times, and got held to a draw just once!  After 6 rounds, my score was 5.5!! In round 7 with a won position I blundered in time trouble by forgetting to follow my own time trouble procedures?!  Fatigue was getting the best of me in round 8 when in a position Fritz evaluated as +17.81, my opponent offered a draw and I accepted??  Round 9 I was so tired I couldn’t see anything nor did I have any patience or discipline left.  Using the post tournament ratings of, 1872, 1840 , 1839, 1831, 1800, 1758, 1756, 1704, and 1577, my cast performance rating for this event was 2068-2255!!  Hey, it’s the World Open!!!  The players that finished ahead of me have cast performance ratings even higher than mine!!! My rating before the tournament was 1741.  This performance sends it up to 1802!?  So what are these secret steps and principles?!  Well you have to come by or get lessons to find out but here is what they do:

1.) Provide you an easy and reliable method of narrowing down how many choices you’ll actually consider for a move!

2.) Provide you a minimum distance ahead to look based on the typical length of the combinations for your openings.

3,) Provide you an active system of determining how well you are doing and what to improve between skirmishes, combinations, transitions!

The openings played were, the Jobava London, King Gambit Declined, Old Indian Defense Callaham Attack, The Philidor Harding Variation, Jobava London Wing Attack, and The Philidor Hanham Variation!

Keep an eye out over the next 2 weeks.  We will publish rounds 1-8 as they get done and are available.

If you want to be healthy wealthy and wise, Scholarship Chess Business Center can be your stop 4 days a week!

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