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My name is Mike Callaham. The name of our US Chess Affiliate is, “Scholarship Chess Business Center”. Formerly the Richmond Chess Initiative. We help chess players of all ages earn scholarship, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. In the last 8 years we’ve made over 1800 visits to schools, libraries, and special events within the Richmond city limits.

We are looking for people who love chess to help us coach, increase awareness, and fund raise. If you really love chess and like what you see, we have permanent part time positions available!! How great would that be? Just imagine being able to earn $300.00, $400.00, $500.00, or $600.00 a week because you fell in love with a chessboard! It’s possible and I’ll show you how!

chess money
Please copy and paste the questionnaire with your reply.

1.) How did you learn to play chess?
2.) Are you or have you been a member of US Chess?
3.) What is your OTB or online blitz, regular, or tactics ratings?
4.) Do you have private, group, club, or camp coaching experience?
5.) Have you ever been a TD?
6.) Do you have a copy of, “The Rules Of Chess”?
7.) Are you available one evening a week from 6-9 pm, or 1 Saturday a month from 9 am-4 pm?
8.) Can you read and record chess games?
9.) How good are you on the phone as an organizer?
10.) How soon can you start?
11.) Other than money, what has been stopping you from doing more chess?
12.) In the last 5 years, have you played in any tournaments?
13.) What is your greatest chess accomplishment?
14.) Do you have a chess set and a clock?
15) What skill, talent, or character trait do you possess that you are sure will make you a great chess personality?


There are no right or wrong answers, I’m just trying to get to know you!! Just answer the questions as best you can, copy and paste them into an email with your name and phone number and I will call you the same or next day and explain everything!

pieces dancing

If you are a veteran, stay home parent, retired looking for a purpose, or young and looking for a career, the major and most qualification is that you love chess. After that, my goal is to help you reach your goals!
Coach Mike C.

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