There Are 2 Types Of Virtual Student!

Virtual students have a lot more work to do than in person students.  In person there are many expected and unexpected interruptions that in some ways help students reflect, catch their breath, and anchor the subject matter.  During a virtual lesson, even a break is compartmentalized, the rest of the time is spent in virtually uninterrupted exchanges of communication.  Just imagine if every time there is an interruption of any kind you had to flip an hour glass.  You’ll be flipping more in person than on virtual.  What does it mean?  For many of us, this is the 1st time in years, and others it’s the 1st time in their lives that they’ve been exposed to the necessity of taking in large amounts of uninterrupted information.  If you’re in 1 of our classes, it’s 100% interactive!!  I’m finding that most students of all ages, just don’t have the stamina for it!!

“Chess Fatigue”  happens in person and even faster in virtual lessons!!  “Chess Fatigue” is something I explain to all of my students.  The only thing that will eliminate “Chess Fatigue” and increase stamina in chess is having a minimum performance standard when you are practicing and studying.  What is that minimum performance standard?  You have to hate losing!!  Desire brings out the best in people, not authority.

principal's office

At in person classes there was some imposed standard of engagement and performance!  People couldn’t put up a screen saver and hit the mute button!  In virtual, you have no authority and the students know it!  At school you had their code of conduct, the program director, teachers, and even the principal if necessary.  That particular change in the environment is the deal breaker.

With 2 types of students come 2 types of programs;

The, “Custom Homework Coaching Program” and the, “Custom No Homework Coaching Program.  Everyone goes into a no homework program for the 1st 6 weeks.  They are allowed to stay in a no homework program for up to 12 weeks if they are k-8 and up, and 24 weeks if they are k-5 or lower.

kid millionares

We’re looking for the next superstar!  Somewhere in the world, a superstar is playing chess right now because it’s the only thing available.  If you are a casual player and think losing games and getting experience is the only way to get better at chess quickly, you should not be paying for chess training…there’s enough free stuff out there to learn how to do that!!  We are very expensive but once the student is in the homework program, we guarantee results as long as they complete their assignments!?!

If you’d like private lessons, we’ll want to test the student, discuss goals, length of commitment, and the rules that must be followed.  If we are all in agreement, then we will give you a detailed proposal and with your acceptance, begin right away.  The student we are looking for could be in your home right now!!  Let us know if you’d like to find out! 804-426-6058.  Ask for coach Mike C

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