About SCBC

The Scholarship Chess Business Center, (SCBC) has been created specifically to bring chess clubs, tournaments, and instruction to places that are, “near the bus line” in the city of Richmond!  Today, in every major city in the world, it is considered normal for some one to walk, bike, or use public transportation to go play chess.  Our mission is make what is normal in every other major city in the world normal for the adults and children of our great city of Richmond!

Chess has international appeal.  The rules of chess are internationally standardized as well as the rating system.  If you are a Master in America, you are accepted as a Master in every other country in the world! The same is true for other players coming to America!  For most people, chess is their 1st exposure to a global limitless opportunity where success or failure rest entirely upon the efforts of the individual!  We believe that chess is the fairest opportunity in the world.  Chess is completely indiscriminate!  Chess success can not be predicted, or hindered by age, height, weight, sex, race, language, religion, financial status, or place of origin!  Chess success needs no permission, approval, endorsement or acceptance from anyone other than the actual player!  Continued exposure to this unique and highly dynamic environment empowers!

Chess has evolved into a worthy, prestigious, accepted vocation.  Chess Players have the opportunity to create earning as competitors, Tournament Directors, Instructors, Trainers, Coaches, Team Analyst, Assistants, Columnist, Reporters, Authors, Promoters, Equipment Suppliers, and Organizers.

Chess is a legitimate scholarship venue!  For nearly 20 years the University of Maryland has been advertising for, “Chess Scholars”!  A 2000 rating, (Candidate Master/Expert), and a 1400 SAT will qualify any child to begin shopping for scholarship money.  They are one of many universities looking for chess scholars.   At the highest levels, it is an accepted fact that strong chess players possess desirable conceptual thinking skills, long-range planning skills, a strong work ethic, and the ability to produce tangible, measurable, and desirable results while working unsupervised!  An RCI staff member successfully recruited and trained a chess player into a $90,000 per year position based solely upon the fact that the hire had a chess rating over 2000!  RCI’s mission is to aid in the awareness, development, and reward of these marketable characteristics in the children that attend our Richmond Area Public Schools, Private Schools, Home Schools, Correctional Education Systems, and Universities!


SCBC’s main focus is the development of competitive chess teams.  Adult Teams, Public School Teams, Private School Teams, Home School Teams, Correctional Education Systems Teams, and University Teams.  SCBC understands that competitive chess activity is best way to attract sponsorship and scholarships.  In every area of sponsorship and scholarship, rewards are lavished upon those that excel not just participate.  Chess is no exception!

We will accept any role that furthers the cause of children and young adults near a bus stop, receiving increased rewards and opportunities for excelling at chess!  We see every individual, group, and organization that wants chess near a bus stop as a team member.  In every way, at every level, this team can never have enough members, leaders, or organizations!

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