How You Can Help (Material)

Chess Materials:

Books and Magazines: Chess instruction is timeless.  To get started on the road to mastery, all you need is a set, a good book or magazine, a pen and some paper. Every chess player has books, and magazines  that they will never read again or that they can spare.  Don’t worry about the type of notation that’s in the literature.  We’ll teach the kids how to read it.


I know how hard it is to part with an old chess set.  You haven’t used it for years, but it has memories.  You may not even be sure where it is right now, but we need you to dig it out.  Sign the board, put your initials on the pieces, send the story of the board with the set!  There is a kid out there that will value and cherish it on their way to becoming a chess scholar!  Just can’t get yourself to part with the old set……If want, you can buy new and ship to us directly!

Bags and Quivers:

Bags and quivers are an important part of the chess travel ensemble!  Looking good while traveling increases the self esteem of the player and the prestige of the sport!  Any serviceable bag is good.  We understand that those can have sentimental value as well!  The ,(BAGQVR) from the USCF is the quiver that we give to kids.


I still have that old analog clock.  I upgraded to electronic but never got rid of the old one.  We can always use more clocks.  We don’t give those away.  We use them for tournaments, trainings, and events.

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