Our Unique Mission

Our mission is to help Rated Tournament Chess Players of all ages earn scholarship and business opportunities!

Every day in every major city in the world someone is walking, skateboarding, cycling, scooting, driving, catching a bus, or a train to go play chess!  Richmond has joined those cities!

RCI is dedicated to ensuring that Rated Tournament Chess Players know where to find scholarships.  There are prominent universities that are actively pursuing chess scholars.  The University of Maryland offers a full scholarship for worthy Tournament Chess Players.  We are looking for a Virginia universities to come on board in this talent search!

RCI is dedicated to helping Rated Tournament Chess Players find gainful employment.  Rated Tournament Chess Players continually demonstrate the ability to analyze their performance, the performance of others and follow that analysis with specific plans and procedures that permanently correct deficiencies and improve results.  RCI believes is bringing this to the attention of as many employers as possible!  These characteristics are measurable, manifest without regard for age, gender, culture,  economic conditions or circumstances.  The pursuance of a higher chess rating will ultimately changes the question from if they possess these skills, to a question of how highly developed and refined they’ve become!!

RCI is dedicated to helping Rated Tournament Chess Players gain exposure to entrepreneurial opportunities.  Learning to run a chess business has many advantages.  In our industry, you must volunteer.  Learning to work the some free, some paid concept gives to everyone.  The player, the organizations they serve, and the community all benefit because Chess has ascended to a vocation instead of just being a game.  They learn to coach, train, manage, plan, budget, and analyze the effective workings of a team.

RCI is obsessed with providing purposeful chess services.  We know that most of the studies about the benefits of chess have been done in other countries!  What most people don’t know is that school programs in other countries are done to compliment club and tournament activities.  To get all the academic benefits associated with chess, the ideal situation is chess in school, the club, and tournaments.  RCI management is well traveled and has witnessed this 1st hand.  We are dedicated to ensuring that any person or organization that uses our services understands how to put chess in the, “Accomplishment” section of an application, or resume.  Without tournament play, everything about a chess history must go under the heading of, ” Hobbies and Interest”.  Here in America, there are people and companies, “teaching” chess everyday that know this and will never tell you!  Their, ” You have to start somewhere” attitude will get them paid, and get you nowhere!!  They don’t deserve your time, money, or consideration!!!

RCI is dedicated to searching for, acknowledging, and rewarding desire driven chess accomplishment at an early an age or stage as possible.  We search for partners that will, with parental consent or accompaniment, allow Rated Tournament Chess Players to work in adult income positions!!  Our mission is to increase the Rated Tournament Chess Player’s quality of life now, while they are on their journey, have families work as teams to reach their educational and financial goals, and satisfy the altruistic, ” Win/Win” ideals of any one and everyone that decides to become involved!!

RCI is currently a privately funded for profit company that provides nearly 700 hours of volunteer/reduced rate services per year.  We enjoy working with hands on people and companies that understand how the mostly young people we serve, would love a visit from anyone who believes in them.  To become a sponsor or to advertise please contact us.  A chess player in the Richmond City Limits will benefit!

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