Arena or Playground, The 60/40 Rule!

I annotated my 1st Tournament game in May of 1985. My 1st appearance in Chess Life was in August and then Sep of 1986. Over the last 10 years I’ve provided post round analysis at more than 60 scholastic tournaments. I also served as the post round analyzer for the 2014 and 2016 Virginia Scholastic Championships! We had 163 team appearances over the last 10 years. Our youngest coach was hired at 6 years old!!

The, “Scholarship Chess Business Center” formerly the, “Richmond Chess Initiative”, is a tournament chess, and business school.

I’ve come to understand from following Grandmaster advice, that there are shortcuts to getting good at chess. I have developed a simple to use system that helps players and parents expect to earn more points every time they play! Imagine never having to wonder how you won or why you lost a game….

We educate players and parents on how to get the most for the least amount of time, money and effort!

To save money and achieve goals, we have to stop treating an arena like a playground!!

Anyone can teach you how to “play”!? If you are playing in 70 tournament games a year or more, you need someone that can teach you how to compete!

70-120 games a year is all it takes to keep up with the top kids in America. Check out the statistics for the top 25 in each age group, 7-11! Ask, “Could they have achieved this with less time, money and effort? Is there a company that specializes in saving families time, money, and effort? The answer is yes! We are that company!!

Botvinnik recommended 70 games a year, Kortchnoi said he needed 90, and Tal said he needed 100 tournament games a year to stay in good form. Look them up! Any great player will play less and less even during their peak! Why? Because they’ve finally learned that studying is more important than playing. One of our best students went from 109 on 9/5/16 to 1010 on 9/4/17. It took just 65 tournament games! Their PPGAP was 10.75!!

Our programs are custom and designed for the unique needs of tournament chess players and their families!!

2 hours each week with the player and 1 or 2 hours a month with the parents. That’s all we need to make sure you succeed without surrendering your whole life and family to sitting around at chess tournaments!?!

Call us for a free consultation and proposal. You are guaranteed to learn something of great value.

Coach Mike C

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