Statistics and Reflection Age 10

Games: 9579

Avg # Career Games: 383

@ or Up: 12.09%

PPGAP: 3.48 pts

Keep %: 57.16%

@ or Up Keep %: 25.23%

HGYR: 145

HGPYI: 215

Win %: 50.21%

Draw % 13.3%

Loss %: 36.49%

Amateur + K: 774/56

Rating High + K: 2259/17

Rating Low + K: 1730/31

Category 4: 0

Category 3: 11

Category 2: 8

Category 1: 4

Candidate Master: 1

Master: 0

Reflections: Wow!! you have to be over 1400 to get on this top 100 list. If they aren’t realizing how special they are by now, their parents and coaches are way tougher than I am. lol Everyone has a Category except 1 person. At 1730 they are rated higher that 85% of all the player in America. There is only one of them for every 26,664 people. At 10!! Next year the ratio will be even higher. Notice that there are no Category 4’s in this group. That means the playground part of chess is officially over…. or is it? 20 of these 25 players have more than 350 career games, 11 had more than 400, and 7 had more than 450.

In the Age 9 reflection we looked at some of the little known ways of keeping players excited, growing, and under less pressure by explaining the benefits of playing up! In every competitive area of life the participant reaches a point where training, lifestyle, and management are just as important to their continued growth as talent and ability!! Up to this point the player has been in charge of playing. The Parent and Coaches were in charge of everything else. By now the player should know what the goals are and how to select their own tournaments and sections. If they don’t, someone must teach them how to immediately. Why? As these players come into their own they are going to become more assertive, more creative, and more self aware. Chess is tough at this level! Sometimes after staring at the screen all day, doing homework and other activities, they are just to tired to concentrate like they know they need to!! You can joke about them falling asleep at the chess board, but never fuss at them for it! (That’s funny) Using the 60/40 rule, 50/50 rule, 70/30 rule, 80/20 rule or some kind of rule, is an integral part of getting them involved in management and an increased sense of responsibility.

When talking numbers it’s important to know the value of a draw. The at or Up for 1730 and 2259 are;

1830 = 1736

1930 = 1740

2030 = 1743

Those are based on 1 game. If this had been a Quad or a Swiss and they finished with 1.5 points against this field, their new rating would be 1756!! When playing up you gain points when you draw!

2359 = 2262

2459 = 2264

2559 = 2266

In the master example, it is important to understand that they are playing in the Open Section. A Quad or Swiss would make it 2273!! Some one needs to train and manage the player to gets as many points as possible while the K is high. Once they reach master the K is so low that losing games to lower rated players will take a whole tournament to recover the points!

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