Statistics and Reflection Ages 7 and Under

Games: 3166

Avg # Games Per Year: 132

@ or Up: 11.87%

PPGAP: 6.18 pts

Keep %: 60.02%

@ or Up Keep %: 28.07%

HGYR: 88

HGYRI: 260

Win %: 54%

Draw %: 7.8%

Loss %: 38.2%

Amateur + K: 677/58

Rating High + K: 1629/36

rating low + K:1005/49

Category: In this group no one has achieved a category.

Reflections: This group covers 7 and below but out of the 25, there were still 9 players that had played more than 100 games in a year. All of these players have made a transition to online tournaments during the pandemic. This group has the highest PPGAP, but they also have the highest K. They tied and were within 1% of the other groups in terms of @ or Up game %. There is something wrong across the whole field when the players at the very bottom of the rating pool are playing up as frequently or just a little less than older and more experienced players. There was one record in the group where the player’s rating was over 1000. That player has not played anyone over 1000 in their 132 game career!!

For most of these kids chess is still just as fascinating to watch as it is to play. You’ll probably need rewards for each win and draw to get them to take the game seriously enough to explore their true potential. Under no circumstances should a loss or poor showing at tournament draw criticism. Success should be measured by whether or not they have an accurate sheet and how much they are improving at knowing the difference between a tournament and any other time they play chess. In this group the best PPGAP for someone over 100 games was 6.61.

Here are the new ratings that the ratings estimator says a 677 and a 1629 would get from playing 1 game, at, 100, and 200, above their rating. 715, 726, and 735. 1650, 1656, and 1660. That’s a chance at 38, 49, and 58 points per game or 21, 27, 31, points per game. Remember we are talking odds not percentages. Visit some of the recent Blogs for a better explanation!!

To get on the top #100 list required a rating just 530.

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