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RCI can assist you with a wide variety of chess activities and instruction.

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Private Lessons:
Customized Private Lessons:  Every chess instruction program has a certain number of important concepts that must be taught and learned by the chess pupil.  What makes our program different is that we continually adjust our program to the pupil’s strengths, weaknesses, and interest. Once a pupil has demonstrated competence in an area we are not going to continue to teach it to them anyway because, “that’s the program”.  Our Custom Private Lessons include: a weekly visit, access to over 300 chess books, homework, game analysis, computer training, on line gaming, and 24 hr a day 7 day a week phone support.   Using our unique custom training methods, we took a 9 yr old with a 400+ rating and improved that rating to over 1000 in just 24 games.  Are these results typical?!  They can be when the student has a strong desire to win and is willing to follow detailed instructions. Our focus is to teach the pupil how to conduct their own training so that most of their improvement takes place at their own pace when the instructor is not around. Pupils are given homework and then the homework is reviewed and explained so that the pupil can internalize and utilize the learned lesson in their future play! We prefer to conduct private lessons weekly. Our rates are based upon age (5+), rating, playing strengths, tournament history, goals, and length of commitment. We offer lessons for tournament and non-tournament players. Payments can be made monthly or quarterly. Students paying quarterly receive a discount! We will conduct in person Private Custom Lessons anywhere within a 60 mile radius of Richmond! We offer correspondence/internet training on a case by case basis.

Custom Classes:
Classes require less of a commitment by the pupil and are usually of an informational nature. Classes can cover any subject. Openings, Middle Game, Endgames, Tactics, Strategy, Clock Management, How to Study, Analysis Methods, Training Methods, Coach Training, Tournament Directing, You name it and we have the experience to teach it. Classes can be a one time visit or last for several weeks or months depending on the subject/s and the amount of detail that is preferred. Classes are taught at any level… Beginner, (new-600), Intermediate (600-900), and Advanced (900-1400) Typically if the class is designed to last for more than 2 visits, a class guide will be developed to make use of the time between classes and to allow the truly hungry class participant to gain as much value from the class as possible. Class rates vary based upon the number of classes, audience, and the subject being covered. We will conduct classes anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Richmond. Outside 60 miles may require class size minimums.

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RCI Chess camps are dollar for dollar and hour for hour the best chess camps in VA. When you attend one of our camps, you get intense, fast paced, relevant chess instruction. We offer 1 day, 2 day, and 3 day camps that truly reveal a chess player to themselves. Here’s what sets us apart: 1.) We are not expecting the camper to understand everything at the camp! This is chess, not a physical sport! We are teaching them how to make better moves with the pieces, not how to move the pieces better! If a camper understands and is ready to use everything they were exposed to immediately after a chess camp is over, it wasn’t a learning experience, it was a refresher course! Our camps are specifically designed around our concentrated learning concept. After 6-8 hours of actual chess learning has taken place, fatigue makes seeing 3 and 4 move combinations impossible at the end of the day! Each time they reread their camp guide it instills the new concept/s! It shows them how much they can miss even when the material is reviewed right in front of them! Lastly it improves their concentration stamina! 2.) We are the only camp that feeds the campers! Our camps are the mental equivalent of an all day exam! The campers must eat and have regular breaks to keep their attention up! 3.) RCI camps are designed specifically around deficiencies that we have observed at our Va tournaments while conducting free analysis.

Chess Camp

Chess Camp

Free Analysis table

Free Analysis table

Technically speaking that makes all of our camps custom camps until someone from another state attends one. Other camps are being presented all over the country with no regard for any of that information. We offer private camps on any chess subject to all levels of players. We will conduct private custom camps at your specified location anywhere in the state of Va. Rates are determined by the material to be covered and audience. Areas more than 60 miles from Richmond may have minimum participation requirements.

Simuls identify needs

Simuls identify needs

Simultaneous Exhibitions
Simultaneous Exhibitions,(simuls) are an excellent way to give everyone a chance to engage a strong player. simuls can be 1 round or 2 rounds. A double simul is when the players plays everyone once as white and once as black. The person giving the simul will often conduct a class either before or after the simul. This is a great way to, “kill 2 birds with one stone”. The player conducting the simul will typically give some time for question and answer as well. Simuls usually take about 2 hours per 12-18 players depending on the strength of the field. Double simuls are an excellent way of evaluating a field of players to determine their needs, strengths and weaknesses! Rates and vary based on the number of participants, whether it is a single or double simul, and whether or not there is a class. Areas more than 60 miles from Richmond may have minimum participation requirements.

Computer Analysis Training
Right now most players are using their computer the wrong way! Your computer is an awesome tool for every part of the game. Every program has blind spots. You must remember you are the boss, it is the tool. How to use your computer to analyze your games. How to make sure the information you get from your computer is accurate. We will show how your computer has one of the biggest secrets on how to select good moves. If you intend to play on the internet this training will include how to bring games and positions back and forth from the internet. This training is offered privately, as a class, or as a camp. Areas more than 60 miles from Richmond may have minimum participation requirements.


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  1. Hello Mr. Callahan. I met with you a few months ago in regard to private lessons and I want to begin coaching. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can schedule a time to meet. 805 512 7406.

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