Training Concepts

RCI’s training methods are unique.  If you have very little time to spend on chess, how do you improve?  The answer is concentrated lessons.  After more than 3 decades of study, we have found out that there are shortcuts that achieve better and faster results than the trial and error methods that most of us grew up on!  We don’t want to cut down on your training time we want to add a variable and an exponent to your training results.  For centuries the outstanding players of each era have given advice and lent their experience about how to solve puzzles, analyze games, improve tactics, combinational vision, etc.  By combining these methods you are able to achieve compound or what we call exponential learning.  If you never get tired while studying chess, you are not doing it right!!  Call for a free consultation!

2 thoughts on “Training Concepts

    • Thanks Jakye! Expect a dice roll on Thursday! Play your phone or whatever you can get your hands on til then! Coach Mike C

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