Zoom Chess.com/Openings Training!

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After these 20 lessons participants will be; able to fully utilize the tools at chess.com, using tactical and strategic thinking, playing the opening as the lead into the middle part of the game. The best class of the year is about to begin! Just look at the course material line up!:

Wk 1.) Mon. Tour of Chess.com. Every tool to get better at chess fast is here! Wed. Settings for chess.com and how to use it’s computer. Fri. How to use Chess.com to get free game analysis!
Wk 2.) Mon Components of tactics and puzzles. Wed. Puzzle Rush, speed is good for training. Fri. Battle Rush and components review.
Wk 3.) Mon. 4 Knights Trexler punish beginners that won’t leave the 4 Knights and the Fried Liver! Wed. 4 Knights Gambits are forced and dangerous lines that stop your opponent from copying your moves! Fri. The Ruy Lopez is the next evolutionary step in every chess players growth!
Wk 4.) Mon. Queens Gambit Accepted. Taking the pawn is fundamental to understanding d pawn play! Wed. The Budapest Gambit forces d pawn players out of their game. Fri. The Albin Counter Gambit is a highly respected argument against 1.d4. We’ll show you why!
Wk 5.) Mon —- Memorial Day. Wed. The Nimzo Indian is a solid reply to the Queens Gambit and offers chances to the player who is best prepared! Fri. The Queens Indian Defense goes about solving the problem with black’s light squared bishop!
Wk 6.) Mon. Coach Mike’s Philidor Defense and all the dangers before castling. Wed. Philidor middlegame strategy. Fri The Philidor In Reverse. Most openings can be played in reverse. This one is a killer!
Wk 7.) Mon. It is only after you have seen other openings that you are ready to look at the Sicilian. This class covers the ideas behind it and the gambits that try to stop it! Wed The Grand Prix Attack throws every tool available at black and has themes good against all variations of the Sicilian. Fri. The Dragon. For decades this was the most feared variation of the Sicilian. We’ll cover the old variation and the accelerated! Everyone knows that It is something special when I decide to sit down to teach the Sicilian!!

Dates are April 27 – June 12th

Days: Mon, Wed, and Fridays.

Times: 3 pm-5 pm

The cost is just $99.00!

To register, send the students name along with your name, email, and phone number to, waterman2010kir@aol.com.  If you wish to register by phone the number is 804-426-6058.  Just ask for Coach Mike C.  Your registration confirmation will come with payment instructions.