How Chess Can Dominate High School Applications, College Applications, and Resumes

For decades we’ve all heard, ” It’s like they are playing a game of chess out there Bob…”.  This is like a game of chess, that is like a game of chess. The phrase, “Check and Mate” is used to describe winning at sporting events, sales meetings, in the movies, commercials, you name it. When chess is mentioned it conjures up positive winning images. Why not give their imagining a true direction that seperates the enthusiast from the achievers. There are 5 ways to achieve in chess; as a player, coach, referee, organizer, and writer! When properly documented, these achievements create a different set of mental expectations in the people you meet! People love to watch a chess person in action! They want to see what’s going to be better or different. When chess achievement is properly explained, the curiosity is so intense that people will remain anxious to see how you will succeed even when there are setbacks, mistakes, and outright failures. I don’t know any other skill set that produces this type of enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, and patience amongst vastly diversified ages, cultures, professional and private endeavors.

On a high school application, college application, or resume, there is a place for hobbies and interest and a place you put your accomplishments. Everything that can be verified through a national governing body should be listed as an accomplishment! I am going to show you how chess accomplishments can be written on those documents:


Rated Tournament Chess Player. (This is a proper noun and deserves capitals!)

Learned chess at the age of 10. 1st national tournament at age 10. Received official national rating of 848 in 2012! Have particated in 51 National Tournaments. I achieved clear 1st in 12 of those tournaments and tied for 1st or clear 2nd place in 8 more! My current rating is 1868 and places me in the top 9.3% of all the Rated Tournament Chess Players in America!  My most memorable performance as a player was becoming the 2014 Va Amatuer Champion!  In a field of 53 players I finished on top with a score 5.5 out of a possible 6 points. For a complete history visit

US Chess Certified Level II District Coach. ( Again, This is a proper noun and deserves capitals!)

Achieved level 1 coach status in 2012! Began just volunteering at my church. In 2013 organized a team at my school. Last year I got endorsed to Level ll by the Secretary of the Virginia Scholastic Chess Association and Virginia’s 3 time Champion, Fide Master, Macon Shibut. I tested successfully and received my Level ll a month later! This year our school took all City at the Metropolitan Grand Prix Championships, we took 5th at the Va Scholastic Championships and are preparing for the Nationals in Delaware this spring. After the Nationals I will qualify for a level 3 Certification. The level ll I currently hold is held by only 81 people nationwide! The Level lll I seek, just 41. I do group and private instruction to all levels of players!  My youngest student is 4, my oldest is 54!  If they can count to 8 and know their ABC’s, I can teach them to play chess.  I am the head coach at my church, ABC Elementary, DEF Middle School, and the Westover Hills Branch of The Richmond Public Library. Coach status can be verified at

US Chess Certified Tournament Director/Referee (Again these caps are eaned not given)

Tested and became certified in 2013. Club level certification allowed me to officiate at events with up to 50 players. Duties include enforcing The Official US Rules of Chess, registration, pairings for all rounds, verifying ratings, verifying US Chess memberships, accepting entry fees, accepting membership dues, supervising play, posting results of each round, settling any player disputes, reporting memberships info and tournament results to US Chess. Acted as Cheif TD/Referee at this level for 8 events. Performed as Assistant TD/Referee under a National TD/Referee in 4 Events. Successfully tested for and was awarded a Local Directorship in 2015! Local TD/Referees are allowed to manage tournaments with up to 100 players per event! Largest event to date where I served as the Cheif TD/Referee was the 47th annual Central VA open. 91 Participants. As Cheif TD/Referee I perform and manage all the duties mentioned and manage other as they attempt to qualify for their next promotion.  Referee/TD status can be verified at

US Chess Affilliate/Organizer (Again and Again)

Organized ABC High School Chess Team in 2015. Organized concessions, gear sales, and tournaments to fund club. Created summer chess camp to raise money for team to participate in National Scholastic Championships in Ohio. Raised over $7.000.00 for team to compete in that event. Created monthly training for children in the community to come learn from our High School team. Worked with local Scholastic and State Federations to create regular tournaments. Instituted Freshman/Sophmore coach/referee training plan to ensure contiuation of efforts after graduation. It’s likely that I will create or contribute an affilliate any place I go…………

This is the RCI Difference. Keep talking to everyone else if you want. When they finally admit that they had to start somewhere, it’s going to be the same old song and dance. They got paid and you got nowhere!

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