The Pro Funding Suite

Pro Funding Suite, Commercial Money, Loan, Credit, and Financing Systems
The best part of commercial credit is that it does not require a personal guarantee, a social security number, and no credit checks.

To argue about the need for commercial credit and loans just means there’s been a misunderstanding. The SBA says that an EIN number will generate 10-100 times as much commercial loans and credit as a social security number.
The next feature of a strong EIN is extremely valuable to a business’ total value. A proven EIN is a tangible, prestigious, and transferable business asset!  A 1.5 million dollar company for sale that has all of it’s credit through the owners social security number is going to be worth less than an identical business being sold with $500,000 of available ,”what ever you want to use it for ” lines of internal, no relation to your social security number, and completely unsecured credit!”.

The challenges of getting commercial credit are all imaginary. Any business that has been set up correctly can get credit anytime they want to! Commercial credit is all about proper paperwork and anonymity! In just a day or 2 you can have 30 day accounts, 60 days later, revolving accounts, 60 days after that, unsecured credit cards, 60 more days, fleet and buy and flip loan access!

The Suite has 2100 lenders, 400 of them direct. Dunn and Bradstreet, Commercial Experian, and Commercial Equifax is where they look up your credit! Our 10 most popular programs can get anywhere from $10,000 to $10,000,000 in the account of a business in just a matter of days.
Need more money for your business? Do you have the resources to grow, open up new locations or just take bigger orders with longer and invoices terms. Whatever you want we can show you how to get it. When your bank says no, and they will, call us!
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