Frequently Asked Questions!

I played my 1st rated game while stationed in Germany in 1985. Yup, that’s a long time. Chess playing has evolved a great deal but as far as developing the, “Complete Chess Personality”, not so much. There aren’t enough certified coaches, tournament directors or affiliates. Chess is cheap, but it’s not free! Think about it… We are the only chess company in America that is promising a 3rd grader that we’ll still be here when they graduate from high school and we are going to help them earn money!! We select businesses that are national, and perpetual. That means they can be our customers forever and they can give us referrals forever to! We invest that money in helping players, “coaches”, parents, educators, and business people understand that chess, college, and business have no age requirements!?! Then we provide the knowledge, leadership, and support to prove it! The Scholarship Chess Business Center is a sustainable model of the future of chess!

I’ve been getting the same questions for years…

1.) What makes your coaching different from everybody else’s, and how do I get some lessons?

That’s 2 questions but the answer is still the same. Your next step would be to book a free consultation. We’ll play, discuss your goals, and what type of commitment you want to make. Our shortest program is 4 weeks, but we accept commitments of up to 1 year. What’s different is we have 3 types of instruction; Instructor/No-Homework, Teacher/Homework, and Prodigy/Coaching. In this industry it’s a mistake to call everyone a coach. You get every possible advantage at the tournament table and at home, you need a complete chess personality! Someone that plays at a high level, is a certified coach, a certified referee, and can organize.

2.) How does chess have anything to do with business?

It’s a fact that many top companies actively recruit, are managed, and even owned by rated tournament chess players. Don’t take my word for it, visit this link for a small sample!

3.) How do children and business mix?

That’s one of the problems I mentioned! Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, chess is a business! The other thing we have to admit it that it is being terribly under-served! Chess is the way we introduce business to them because it is possible for them to earn adult rates. Once we’ve improved their concentration, stamina, and confidence, they are ready to work with people of any age. It’s also in our opinion the ideal way to introduce people to the, “no age requirement” characteristics of business and college!

4.) You’ve got tournament chess, CBD, Debt to wealth software, business financing, Real Estate Investing, unclaimed money services, and private money lending. What kind of service are we going to get?

Just because it’s confusing doesn’t mean it’s complicated!? When the pandemic hit we had a staff of 6 people and we were hiring!! CBD is great for my health! Debt to wealth monitors and tells me when to pay on my accounts so that I pay the least amount of interest! Every business you respect has commercial credit. For the Real Estate Investing, I have software that does everything except calling and direct mail! Unclaimed money services and Private money lending are done in a way where they call us! Even when fully engaged, no chess instructor of any kind works directly with clients more than 25 hours a week! We’ve been in business for almost 10 years and have never gotten a BBB complaint or inquiry!!!