Club Meetings

What are club meetings for? How do clubs differ? Our purpose for having the club, is to give players a between tournament venue that encourages, supports, and improves their, “play, analyze, reflect, repair, and repeat” regimen! You can come to our club for any reason, but that is our purpose for it!! Our club has some great features that separate it from other clubs;

1.) It’s a designated space. There are some distractions because it’s an office building, but anyone that is in the same room with us is there for chess!

2.) Unlimited free parking in front of and beside our building.

3.) Level III US Chess Advanced Team Coach is at every meeting to answer questions and give direction.

4.) Class A with a peak rating of 1943 is at each meeting!

5.) We have over 1000 reference, tactics, openings, middlegame, endgame, and strategy books that you can actually use at home when you become a club member.

6.) Club members get reduced rates on Custom Private Lessons, using the space for special events, team meetings, and fund raisers.

Club membership is just $99.00 per year. Club members get to bring 1 guest to each visit, free entry into 2 tournaments per year, and an Informant of their choice to keep and/or use for book trade. Everyone gets one free visit. After that it’s $5.00 with 1 guest, per visit.

Masks, hand sanitizer, and temperature required for players and guests!