Money Max’s Debt To Wealth Means Banking Like The Banks Do!


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We are in the new millennium!  The days of a guy working with paper and notes and a visor are long gone for the banks.  Hands on banking is as outdated as this guys rotary phone.

Lending institutions are in business to get the very most from every transaction.  The fact is you should treat every loan you have like a revolving account!  It doesn’t take 30 years to buy a home!  It doesn’t take 5 years to buy a car, or 10 yrs to pay off student loans unless you do exactly what they say!  Lending institutions like every other sales organization, (they sell money at a profit) has it’s own jargon, sales talk/methodology.  Lending institutions never say they’ve done everything they can to save you money.  I’ve got 30 years of sales and marketing experience and I know it when I hear it, see it, or watch it!  They say we did everything we could to make this affordable, we did everything we could to get you the best rate, we did everything we could to get you the best terms.  I have not once heard a lending institution say they did everything they could to save me money!!  As a matter of fact, put the words, “Based on what you told us and the information we were able to gather…”  in front of all the things they said they did and it becomes a little ambiguous!  lol

Like every product we offer, there is a money back guarantee!!  When I tell you there is a software that let’s you bank like a bank and pay off a 30 yr mortgage in 9.9 years without an increase in your budget,  that should get your attention!

Lending institutions would never sit down with a calculator to figure out there finances.  Maybe neither should you!

You’ve got 5 minutes watch a short video on how you can know for sure when you’ll be debt free.  Cut the time in half or even more.


After you’re done watching this video, call me to schedule your free debt free consultation.  You want to know how soon you can be debt free right.  Make the call your creditors will hate today! 804-426-6058.