Polgar 4823 Can’t Snore At This 4 Knights!

Polgar – 4823  Better know more than 5 moves!  Sometimes the letters of the pieces get lost in translation.  You still have the coordinate for where it’s at and where it’s going…press on!


I usually act like I’m snoring when someone brings me a game from the 4 knights. This woke me up. The number of responses needed to calculate what happens after …Ne4 is ridiculous. This has to take time of off the clock. The chase and all the material that can be thrown on the sword is another huge task. In the end, blacks attack is doomed but not unsound. There are psychological factors involved and chances for draws and equality all over the place because of both sides’ underdevelopment!! The study of it will give a familiarity with a key positional type! 1…¥c5xf2+!? 2.¢e1xf2 ¤f6xe4+ 3.¢f2-g1! [3.¢f2-e3?! £d8-h4 4.g2-g3 ¤e4xg3 5.h2xg3 £h4-d4+ 6.¢e3-f3 d7-d5 7.¦h1–h4 e5-e4+ 8.¢f3-g2 0–0 9.¦h4-f4 £d4xc4 10.d2-d3²] 3…£d8-h4


4.£d1–f1?? [The combos of offense and defense that come out in these lines is very confusing and very complicated. If you play the 4 knights. This is a tremendous weapon for black! 4.g2-g3™ ¤e4xg3 5.¤f7xh8! ¤c6-d4!! a) 5…d7-d5?? 6.h2xg3 (6.£d1–f3 Puts an end to the repetition idea! 6…£h4-d4+ 7.£f3-e3 ¤g3xh1 8.¥c4-b5 £d4xe3+ 9.d2xe3 ¥c8-f5 10.¢g1xh1 ¢e8-e7 11.¤b1–c3 ¦a8xh8 12.¤c3xd5+ ¢e7-d6 13.¤d5-c3+-) 6…£h4xg3+ 7.¢g1–f1 ¥c8-h3+ 8.¦h1xh3 £g3xh3+ 9.¢f1–g1 £h3-g3+ 10.¢g1–h1=; b) 5…¤g3xh1™ 6.d2-d3™ This move eliminates blacks light squared outs and tricks. b1) 6.¥c4-f7+?! ¢e8-e7 7.¢g1xh1 £h4-e4+ 8.¢h1–g1 £e4-d4+ 9.¢g1–g2 £d4-e4+ 10.£d1–f3 £e4xf3+ 11.¢g2xf3 ¤c6-d4+ 12.¢f3-f2 ¤d4xc2 13.d2-d4 e5xd4 14.¤b1–c3 d4xc3 15.¥c1–g5+ ¢e7-f8 16.¦a1–b1 c3xb2 17.¦b1xb2 ¤c2-d4 18.¦b2-d2 c7-c5² gonna be a tough win.; b2) 6.£d1–e2?? This allows an awesome levelling combination! 6…d7-d6 (6…d7-d5! 7.¥c4xd5 £h4-d4+ 8.£e2-e3 £d4xd5 9.¤b1–c3 £d5-d4 10.¤c3-b5 £d4xe3+ 11.d2xe3 ¦a8-b8 12.¤b5xc7+ ¢e8-d7 13.¤c7-d5=) 7.¤b1–c3 ¥c8-g4 8.£e2-f1 ¥g4-h3 9.£f1–f7+ ¢e8-d8 10.¥c4-f1 ¥h3-e6!! Could you imagine seeing this as a defensive move? Unbelievable!! 11.£f7-f3 ¢d8-d7 12.¢g1xh1÷; 6…d7-d5 7.¥c4xd5 £h4-d4+ 8.¥c1–e3!! Are you serious?! That’s amazing!! (8.¢g1xh1?? £d4xd5+ 9.¢h1–g1 £d5-d4+ 10.¢g1–g2 ¥c8-e6 11.¤b1–c3 0–0–0 12.£d1–f3 ¦d8xh8 13.¥c1–e3 £d4-b4–+) 8…£d4xe3+ 9.¢g1xh1 ¥c8-h3 10.¤b1–d2 0–0–0 11.¥d5xc6 b7xc6 12.¤h8-f7±; 6.¤b1–c3 d7-d5 7.h2xg3 £h4xg3+ 8.¢g1–f1 ¥c8-h3+ 9.¦h1xh3 £g3xh3+ 10.¢f1–g1 d5xc4] 4…¦h8-f8 5.d2-d3? [5.g2-g3 £h4-e7 6.¢g1–g2 ¤e4-g5µ; 5.¤b1–a3 ¤c6-d4–+] 5…¤e4-d6 6.¤f7xd6+?? [6.¥c4-b3 ¤d6xf7 7.£f1–f2 £h4xf2+ 8.¢g1xf2 ¤f7-h6+ 9.¢f2-e1µ] 6…c7xd6 7.£f1–e2 [7.£f1xf8+ ¢e8xf8 8.g2-g3 £h4-g4 9.¤b1–c3 ¤c6-d4 10.¥c1–e3 ¤d4xc2 11.¦a1–f1+ ¢f8-e8 12.¥c4-f7+ ¢e8-d8 13.¥e3-c1–+] 7…¤c6-d4 8.£e2-d2 [8.£e2-e3 ¤d4xc2 9.¤b1–c3 ¤c2xe3 10.¥c1xe3 b7-b6–+] 8…£h4-g4 The ultimate instructional mess!! Spend as much time on this as you want. Come back to it a week later and go through it again. I guarantee you’ll still be confused.lol 0–1