Polgar 4529: Fear of the check deserves a draw

Polgar 4529 – The played move is only a draw  Another move wins!, 02.08.2013[callaham,Mike ]  White misses his real combo and starts off with what should only be a draw. For your delight we shall examine both! Black can respond with 7 different discovered checks and still can’t win. I believe white played 1Rf6?? because he wanted to get his check in 1st.  That was a mistake that gives us a learning lesson!


1.f1xf6+?? [1.c3-d5! e6-d6 a) 1…d4xc2+ 2.g1–h1 ¦h8-f8 3.f1xf6+ f8xf6 4.h5-e8+ e6-d6 5.e8-e7+ d6-c6 6.e7xc7+ c6-b5 7.a2-a4+ b5-c4 8.b2-b3+ c4xb3 (8…c4-d4?? Nope, that’ll be mate in 6!! 9.a1–d1+ d4xe4 10.c7xh7+! f6-f5 11.d5-f6+ e4-f4 12.h7-h4+ f4-e3 13.h4-e4+ e3-f2 14.f6-g4# Amazing right!!??) 9.c7xc5+-; b) 1…d4-b5+ 2.g1–h1 e6-d6 3.b2-b4 c5-c6 4.f1xf6+ c8-e6 5.f6xe6+ d6xe6 6.a1–d1 b5-d6 7.h5-h6+ e6-d7 8.h6-g7+ d7-d8 9.g7xh8+ c6-e8 10.h8xh7+-; 2.b2-b4! c5-c6 3.h5-f7! h8-e8 4.c2-c4 b7-b6 5.c4-c5+ b6xc5 6.b4xc5+ c6xc5 7.f7xe8 d4-f5+ 8g1–h1 c8-b7 9.e8-f7 b7xd5 10.e4xd5 c5xd5 11.a1–d1 d5xd1 12.f1xd1++-] 1…e6xf6 2.c3-d5+ f6-e6 3h5-h6+ e6-d7 4.h6-g7+


d7-d6?? Missing the draw. Black is not supposed to lose this game! [4…d7-e6 5.g7-f6+ e6-d7 6.f6-f7+ d7-d8 7.f7-f6+ d8-d7=


8.f6xh8 d4xc2+ 9.g1–h1 c2xa1 10.h8xh7+ d7-c6 11.h7xc7+ c6-b5 12.d5-c3+ b5-b4 13.a2-a3+ b4-c4 14.c7-f7+(The queen can now check on the f file to maintain the draw.  Very pretty!) c8-e6 15.f7xe6+ c4-d3 16.e6-d7+ c5-d4 17.d7-f7=] 5.g7-e7+ d6-c6 6.e7xc7+ c6-b5 7.a2-a4+ b5-c4 8.d5-e3+ c4-b4 9.c2-c3+ b4-b3 10.c7xc5 b3xb2 11.c5-a3# 1–0

Still think Polgar is for beginners… You just aren’t paying attention!