Brother and Sister on the Attack in k-3 and k-5


Rahul and Ritvika Palani took 8 out of a possible 9 points at the Maggie Walker tournament in Nov. Over the last 10 months Rahul and Ritvika have combined for a rating increase of 749 points! Rahul’s rating has gone from 524 to a high of 889! Ritvika has gone from 103 to a high of 487. Both of them had their best career performances at this tournament. Rahul made his 1st undefeated performance at 4-0 in the k-5 and Ritvika made her best performance going 4-1 in the k-3. Better watch out as these 2 come into their own. Ritvika is only 6 years old. Keep up the good work!

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